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Ukiah Valley Golf Course and Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA
historic and Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA


Vichy Springs Resort, established in 1854

is a unique almost 170-year-old historic hot springs resort only two hours north of downtown San Francisco. It is the oldest ongoing resort of its kind in California and the oldest continuing business in Mendocino County.

Vichy Springs is the best of two worlds, a country inn and a hot springs resort. Vichy Springs offers the only naturally warm and carbonated “Vichy” mineral baths in North America. Vichy Springs offers rooms and cottages for overnight stays. Included in room rates are full use of the naturally warm and carbonated “Vichy” mineral baths, hot soaking pool, Olympic size swimming pool (in season), and a 700 acre private reserve for walking and hiking.

Come and experience a true carbonated “Vichy” mineral bath and a walk on the beautiful 700 acre private reserve. You will “feel a million miles from your cares, and your heart will sing a new song.” (Timeless quote, from a 1914 resort brochure)

historic and Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA

Huell Howser at Vichy Springs,
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History of Vichy Springs Resort

The history of Vichy Springs Resort spans from the pre-written history of the local Pomo Native Americans (over 5,000 years ago) to the present day spa operations. The actual springs are estimated to be well over five million years old. Extensive travertine and ancient travertine onyx deposits are indicators of the various springs’ ages. The Pomos used the springs during their sole residency in the Yokayo Valley. They used the waters, according to personal verbal revelation to Gilbert Ashoff from Edna Guerrero and Elsie Allen both aged elders in 1978, for gout, arthritis, rheumatism, poison oak, burns, cuts, psoriasis and eczema.

Call 707-462-9515 to book your stay. Vichy Springs is open for hotel stays and day use. We look forward to welcoming you.